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Visa Mistakes

We understand that there are some confusions about Vietnam visa which is sometimes not as the same as other countries. We have also seen plenty of travelers having misunderstandings which leads to errors on Visa Application or having difficulties  with Immigration at Vietnam airport. We hope this article will help you to avoid those mistakes.

 Landing without an Approval Letter.

Please be advised that you can NOT pick up your visa at the airports without an Approval Letter which is pre-arrange by a local agency. You must apply your visa in advance at your Vietnamese embassy or consulate before traveling. Or contact us immediately for rush visa service when you arrive at the airport.

 Visa On Arrival by border-crossing.

Visa On Arrival NOT working for other enters except by air at 04 airports in Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh city and recent Nha Trang). If you travel  by other means, please contact your Vietnamese embassy or consulate for visa application before getting in Vietnam.

 Arrival & Exit Date.

Vietnam visa validity is quite different from some other countries. The validity of visa is fixed on the date that written on your visa. It’s  NOT start from the day you enter the country. Please well plan your travel before apply a Vietnam visa.

 Wrong information

Always be careful when you input your information on application such us full name (as shown on your passport), date of birth, arrival day in & out and other required fields on the form which all are important for a corrected Visa Approval Letter you will get. Also, please don’t forget to double check your email after the submitting and Approval Letter once you receive it. Contact agency right away if you find an error on it (even a letter) to avoid any difficult situation at the airport.

Passport’s validity

Vietnam visa required at least of 06 months passport’s validity. However, embassy officer may or may not remind you of your expiration date when you make your application. Please make sure that your passport’s validity is right before your departure as you can not enter Vietnam with an expired passport (even your visa is stamped in it).

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