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Vietnam Work Permit

Instant Vietnam Visa offers fast and reliable work permit for employee and company in Vietnam. By applying your working permit with us, you will not only save your time but also avoid all complicated paperwork and administrative processing. Contact us today for an appointment or request, please ensure to prepare those documents as below:

There are 02 separated document sections you need to prepare. Document for employee & document for company you work for.

1, Employee Required Documents

a, 03 (three) consularized and notarized copies of Degree/Master certificates of expatriate employee. In case that foreign employees do not have Certificate of University, you must have Certificates of at least fives years experience for same kind of works.

b, 01 (one) consularized and notarized original copy of certificate for health of expatriate employee issued by competent hospital of country where such expatriate employee resides/or by Vietnamese provincial hospital (ie. E hopista, SOS clinic, Vietnamese – French hospital, Bach Mai hospital)

c, 01 (one) consularized and notarized original copy of judicial record of expatriate employee issued by competent authority of country where such expatriate employee resides.

In addition, for expatriate employee living in Vietnam more than 06 (six) months is required to have judicial record issued by Justice Department of province/city of Vietnam where such employee resides.

d, 04 (four) latest color photos of expatriate employee (size 3cm x 4cm, being bareheaded, photographing front, clear face and ear, not wearing glasses, white background) are photographed in the latest 6 months.

e, Valid original passport and visa of employee.

2, Company Required Documents

a, Sponsor Company’s Business License (certified true copy)

b, Tax Registration Form

c, Company Seal Registration Form

d, Employment letter

Important note:

In case the documents are issued by the foreign government, these must be (i) notarized and/or consularized and translated into Vietnamese; and the Vietnamese translated version must be certified by the competent authority of Vietnam.


It normally takes about 20 working days to complete your working permit if there are no issues found in your given documents.

Application & Price

In every single case, the price and requirement may be different, you are advised to email us at or call to 84 962.66.55 for details.