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Vietnam Visa Tips

Obtain a visa upon arrival is simple. However, applicant still needs to pay some attention while making pre-arrangement as well as applying process online. Here are some tips to make your task easier:

1, Preparation tips

  • Always check your passport validy to make sure it will be available in 6 months of arrival date. Otherwise, you must renew it.
  • Make sure you have your own, personal computer or device to make online application as well as online payment. Never use public computer to apply your visa. It will be risky with your sensitive information.
  • We, at Instant Vietnam Visa offer various discount programs, if you become our member, you can get 5% off. Follow our social fan page on Facebook to get another 20% off. It just take a couple minutes but you will save some money, especially if you apply for a group of applicant. The more applicant you have, the bigger savings you gain.

2, Application tips

  • Always double check your inputs. A small mistake (a wrong letter in your name for example) would lead to a problem at the airport.
  • Choose your right visa. You will or plan to leave the country then back? Then you must choose multiple entry instead of single.
  • Once again, review all your information before making the last step of payment.
  • If your credit card does not work with our provided payment portal (could be 3D secure required or so), you can always try your credit card with PayPal (even if you don’t have a PayPal account).
  • Provide your correct email and make sure you can check that email even on the go. We will send approval letter to your provided email. Without a correct email, we have no way to contact you.

3, At the airport tips

  • Fill the arrival form in advance (we always send the form with approval letter in advance) to save time at the airport.
  • Dress respectfully (Culture things)
  • Prepare stamp fee with good USD notes (no mark, no tear). It is always better with excact notes (for example: 45  USD, you prepare 02 notes of 20 USD and a note of  5 USD), it will save time to get change.
  • Always check your visa on passport before leaving the counter. If any information is not matched, show to immigration officer right away.
  • Anything went wrong at the airport, don’t be panic. Call your visa agent to get help. Don’t try to make any arguments at Immigration counter.

Vietnam visa on arrival works for air entry, only available at the airports with pre-approval required. It won’t work for land entry. Contact Vietnamese embassy for full stamped visa if you crossing border, cruise or any kinds except air travel.

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