Privacy Protection: Get your private approval letter (may not applied to all rush visa service) in stead of bulk one at Instant Vietnam Visa. And it's Free!

Rush Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Need an instant visa approval letter in next 01 hour or so? Good news that you have just landed in the right place. Instant Vietnam Visa is the one and only agent able to help you online on those cases, even on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays! See what makes us different from many agents out there:

# Timing Indicator: We are the one who can confirm online exactly WHEN (before making your payment) you could get your approval letter. And we deliver it ON time.

# 100% Online Application: No phone calls or request emailing needed, we will sort them all online with timing calculation system.

# Cleared Price Statement & Lowest Guarantee: No confusion, no surprise! You know exactly how much to pay, right on the form for each type of visa when you apply. And it will be lowest price guaranteed!

# Successful or Money Back: You will get your full refund if we are in late of delivery (it hasn’t happened yet since 2004). We have served thousands of people on rush visa, NONE of them are failed to get their approval letters on time for boarding. As long as you have 01 hour spare from your boarding time, click to apply now!

See what people say about us:

Thank you very much for your service. It saved my life” - Alexis Ludovick Boulianne

Thanks a lot. Excellent service!” – Marina

Live chat support was very quick, concise, and very helpful. Thanks again!” – Marry Tran

…and many more here!

Who needs Rush Visa?

Rush Visa are necessary for those who change their travel plans at the last minute, arrive at the airport without an approval letter or other uncontrolled reasons.

How do you help?

Depending on your situation and time you have then we can give a solution. If you still have few hours spare, just fill out our secured form and process the payment, we will deliver approval letter on time according to the time frame you have chosen.

If you are already landed at airport, or arrive on the weekend (Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays when Immigration office is closed), you may have to call us to get emergency help. Fees are varied and please note that we are not guaranteed for success of those cases before sending someone to airport to assist you.

Rush Visa Processing Fees 

Visa Type Fees/Processing Time
Working Days Over-Time
Speed Up
(8 hours)
(4 hours)
(2 hours)
(1 hour)
(1 hour)
Weekend & Holidays
 1 month single entry $25 $35 $65 $85  $120 $315
 1 month multiple entry $30 $40 $70 $90  $125 $320
 3 months single $35 $45 $75 $95  $130 $335
 3 months multiple $55 $65 $95 $115  $150 $355
100% Private Approval Letter Guarantee (Free of charge)

IVV Discount System (Applied to visa service fee only and not for extra service)

Discount  1pax 2-3 pax 4-5 pax 6-7 pax 8-9 pax 10 pax
Group discount 8% 10% 14% 16% 20%
Member discount add on another 5% above (become IVV member)

Processing time description:

Depending on your selected date of arrival and current time, the application form will automatically show the best available options for you to choose. They could be one or two of the following:

1, Speed Up (08 working hours process): The application will be finalized within 08 hours from the time of payment (08:00 AM-17:00 PM, Monday – Friday)

2, Express (04 working hours process): The application will be finalized within 04 hours in day from the time of payment (08:00 AM-17:00 PM, Monday – Friday)

3, Urgent (02 working hours process): The application will be finalized within 02 hours in day from the time of payment (08:00 AM-17:00 PM, Monday – Friday)

4, Emergency (01 working hour process): The application will be finalized within 01 hours from the time of payment (08:00 AM-17:00 PM, Monday – Friday)

5, Instant (01  hour process):  Instant Process is available from Monday to Friday, out of working hours. This is a special service from Instant Vietnam Visa. The application will be finalized within 01 hour from the time of payment (17:00 PM – 22:00 PM, Monday – Friday)

6, Weekend & Holidays (01 hour process): The application will be finalized within 01 hours from the time of payment (07:00 AM-22:00 PM, Saturday – Sunday or public Holidays)


  • We are working hard in order to deliver on time service to customers, and it is mostly on time. However, rush visa service is special case and we can not guarantee all applications are on time delivery. When you use our rush visa service, you agree to give us extra 30 minutes based on our committed time at booking.

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