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FV Program

FV Program is our customer’s service program that offers the amount of 30 free visas per month for our booked clients.

Who will get fee visa from our FV program?

FV program applies to all our clients who used our Visa On Arrival service except Rush Visa service.

How it works?

Our system will randomly choose a booking that stored on our database to find out who will get a free visa.

How many visa the FV program offers?

At the moment, we offer 30 free visas per month to our clients

How we get free visa?

FV program applied to used service customers. Once the system sort out the lucky clients, we will contact and make a full amount of money you have paid to us to your credit card account.

When can I expect to get that money?

Depending on your location, it normally takes 7 days to 10 days for amount reach to your credit card account.


  • FV Program just applied to booked clients.
  • Applied only for clients paid by credit card.
  • FV Program Excluded Stamped Fees (Customers pay directly by themselves at the airport)
  • The program conditions subject to change without notice.

Enjoy Visa Applying!